Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Please Help Me Win This "Like" Campaign for My Sister

We are seven in the family, and my sis is the youngest.  Ako po ang eldest.  One of the things that I'm proud of my sister is that her fiance is her first and only boyfriend, and she's getting married to him.  They've been on since their college days.  

Eto biruan namin ng sis ko after her boyfriend proposed to her:

Me:  E di maghahanap ka na ng mga suppliers para sa wedding?
Sis:  Di na kailangang maghanap.  Tatawagan ko na lang sila, sasabihin ko tuloy na.  Ganito magiging dialogue namin ng suppliers ko.

Sis:  Hello, Supplier. Go na yung orders ko.
Supplier:  Ma'm, ano po igo-go natin?  Yung order niyo nung 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009?

They are getting married next year.  I am asking for your support for them to win this online contest.  Please go to Wedding Expo Philippines and follow the instructions.  Your liking it will be greatly appreciated.  And please post this on your Facebook wall and ask friends to support.  I will appreciate your help.  Thank you. - Rence