Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

It always feels great to receive an award from other bloggers.This is one of the three awards I received from Albert, and I've waited until this Monday to award it to 15 others to start their week off with a BANG!

To the awardees, the rule of the One Lovely Blog Award is to pass it on to 15 other blogs which you think deserve it.  My recipients for this award are all deserving. Please visit their blogs.  

Here they are in no particular order:
1)   Etchetera Etchetera
2)   Everything Etchetera
3 )  I Am Talinggaw
4)   I Am Super Leah
5)   Welcome to My World
6)   Palakanton's Adventure
7)   Upod Na Lapis
8)   Two Ladies and a Spoon
9)   Pluma ni Jepoy
10) Domesticated Daddy's Diaries
11) Gillboard Grows Up
12) The Gasoline Dude
13) Kwatro Khanto
14) _isheLoveblog_
15) A Single Mom's Blog

Have a great time reading their blogs, folks!


  1. thanks cousin! parami na ng parami followers mo. congrats!

  2. flattered! deserving na ba ko nito? parang nde pa ata...heheh! anyways, thank you very much Rence, I really appreciate this!^_^

  3. sigurado ako doo, kuya arvs. ganoon din ang naramdaman ko nung makatanggap ako ng award e. =)

  4. WOW! thank you Rence, gagawa din ako ng post ko about that.. tnx again.

  5. Wow, Thank you soo much..
    First award ko po yan..hihihi..
    Thank you po napasama ako.. ^__^
    Stay blessed..