Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The World According to Poo

I got curious when I saw the picture in my cousin's blog Etchetera Etchetera.  Gumana na naman yung kawirdohan ng kukote ko.  She posted a picture of this book.

Nung i-Google ko, meron pa pala itong activity book.

At meron pang ganito:

Di ako magtataka kung sa susunod, may makikita na tayong books na ganito ang mga titles:

Poo Reading:  Your Daily Horoscope
Your Future According to Your Poo
People wtih the Same Poo "Go" Together
Winnie the Poo:  An Autobiography
You Shall Know Them by Their Poo
How to Detect Infidelity: Examine Your Partner's Poo
Test Your Compatibility by Comparing Poos
Vote Wisely:  Elect Candidates with the Cleanest Poo

Sige na. Natatae na ako.