Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pacham Pizza

There is only one rule I follow when making a pizza.  That is "There are no rules when making a pizza."  Perhaps that is the reason why we see pizza in different forms, sizes, shapes, and flavors in the market now.

This recipe is just to show you how I made THIS pizza, and for you to see how easy it is to make it at home.  You may use this as a guideline to make your own pizza, with your own toppings.

1 piece pizza crust (small)
2 tsp tomato sauce
6 slices cheese
onion rings
2 pcs medium tomatoes
1 pc small eggplant

How I made up my pizza:

1.  I evenly spread the tomato sauce on top of the pizza crust.  I used Del Monte Tomato Sauce with MMK (malunggay, monggo, kalabasa).

2.  I arranged the sliced cheeze on the crust.

3.  Onion rings and tomatoes came next, and lastly,

4.  The eggplants.
5.  I placed them in the oven toaster for about 10 to 15 minutes.  I first heated the top for the first 10 minutes to cook the eggplant.  Then with the time left, I used dual heating (top and bottom - my oven toaster has single and dual functions.  I can heat only the top or the bottom or use them both.) 

Now, eating this 2-inch thick pizza is another story. 

Tips (refer to the first picture of this post):
1.  I placed the unused tomato sauce in a jar and placed it in the refrigerator for future use.
2.  If you love cheese, buy a cheese cutter for convenience in cutting the cheese.  Cheese doesn't stick to the cheese cutter like it does on a knife.
3.  I keep the unused crust in the freezer.  A pack of crust contains four pieces.  You can buy them at the supermarket.
4.  I did not grate the cheese.  As I've said, there are no rules in making a pizza.
5.  You may use any toppings you can think of to make your pizza.
6.  I used a simple oven toaster to make this pizza, that's why I sliced the crust into 2.
7.  There is no picture of the finished product because I ruined it. Hahaha.  But more or less, the picture looks much like the last one here.

Till next pacham.


  1. parang ang laki nung slice sa eggplant. better cguro if you slice it smaller. (rounds)-- sent you some goodies!-- comment ka na lng. (paki promote na rin yun blog) TY!

  2. sinadya ko talaga ganyan yung slices kasi i've tried this before, nahuhulog yung eggplants pag maliit ang slice. pero manipis naman yan. thanks for the tip.